Terms of Reference for AbleOTUK Working Group


To provide a voice and safe space for Occupational Therapy  Practitioners, Students, Researchers and Educators, who have lived experience of disability or long term health conditions.  

Objectives – To maintain a Twitter Account and Website that:  

  • Challenges the culture of ableism within services and organisations.  
  • Shares stories and lived experiences of Occupational Therapists with disabilities.  
  • Advocates for those with lived experience of disability both in the Occupational Therapy community and the general public.  
  • Bridges the gap in current culture and encourages values driven practice. 
  • Promotes the lived experiences of disability as an asset to the profession, including unique perspectives, skills, knowledge  and experiences.  
  • Provides resources for occupational therapists with lived experiences of disability to seek support and advice on topics  such as:  
    • Disclosure  
    • Reasonable Adjustments  
    • Poor Experience Support  
    • Occupational Justice 
    • Occupational Alienation  
    • Occupational Deprivation  


A core group of Occupational Therapists with lived experience are  running and maintaining @AbleOTUK twitter account and website. All are Volunteers. We want to be inclusive; all are welcome to follow and  engage with the twitter account and use the website resources.


We aim to work in partnership with the other UK Affinity Groups  (BAMEOTUK and LGBTQIA+OTUK), The Royal College of  Occupational Therapists, unions and other stakeholders.  

Campaign for a more inclusive and supportive culture that welcomes those with lived experience of disability or chronic illness.