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Inspired by BAMEOTUK, we launched our network on 14th June 2021. We are here for anyone in the occupational therapy community who wants to connect, share, learn about and celebrate all things LGBTQIA+.

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EDI Insights: Trans and non-binary awareness in occupational therapy

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Tuesday 19 July, 2022

Join Hannah Spencer (they/them) and Rebecca Swenson (she/her) as they collaborate with the Royal College of Occupational Therapists on this event.

Trans and non-binary people access both general and specialist health, social care and voluntary sector services across a range of provision; reasons for doing so may be related or unrelated to gender identity. This insight is relevant in terms of ethical, professional and legal duty to undertake best practice in consideration not only of those who access our services across the diversity of practice settings, but of our peers, our multi-disciplinary colleagues and our future workforce, worldwide.

In the session Rebecca and Hannah will draw on personal, professional and research experience and consider:

  • Context and importance of insight session around trans and non-binary awareness in occupational therapy
  • Discussion around ethical, professional and legal duty to undertake best practice with reference to key legislation and professional standards
  • Reiterated evidence of how occupational therapy is ideally placed to support this population
  • Practical suggestions around personal, environmental and occupational aspects of support for trans and non-binary people, and simple cues towards understanding

‘Connect’ Events

A poster for the Connect event. The text reads: Connect, a closed peer connection space for UK-based LGBTQIA+OTs. Last Monday of every month, 7pm via Zoom. Please DM or e-mail for details. We politely request that our much-needed allies respect this space as a closed, safe, peer connection space for LGBTQIA+ OTs (including students, educators, assistants etc) only. Plenty of shared opportunities in the pipeline too!

Every last Monday of the month, at 7pm on Zoom

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