AbleOTUK Learning Events

AbleOTUK – Learning Events

Below are workshops, events, presentations and other activities the core group behind AbleOTUK have been up to:

16th June 2022 – AbleOTUK Who, What Why? Occupational Therapy Integrated Degree Apprenticeship Forum

15th June 2022 – AbleOTUK round table RCOT conference 2022 session 29 (if you had a ticket to #RCOT2022 you can watch this round table event on that platform available for 6 months)

June 7th 2022 – Occupational Therapists Have Disabilities Too! Solihull MBC staff conference.

May 18th 2022 – AffinOT: AffinOT: How You and Your Region Can Get Involved. RCOT Trent Regional event.

14 May 2022 – AbleOTUK team members help facilitate discussion in brake out rooms at RCOT Eastern Region – Do I belong? How do we challenge the differences in BAME occupational therapy career progression

Saturday 23rd April 2022. Occupational Therapy, Ableism, and Coproduction of services. –

Wednesday 20 April 2022 RCOT EDB Insights: Practising what we preach, disability and inclusion, Delivered by Dr Wendy Bryant Followed by AbleOTUK team members on the Panel

12th April 2022 – hosted an OTalk Intersectionality: What is it and why should occupational therapists know about it?

January 22nd 2022 Rachel Booth-Gardiner Represented AbleOTUK in this panel discussion.

OT Show November 2021 Georgia Vine represented AbleOTUK giving this presentation.
Affinity groups more than just representation or diversity

November 2021 OT Week 2021 – AbleOTUK Involvement Twitter content. Representation within the RCOT launch event

World Cerebral Palsy Day October 6th 2021 Georgia Vine and Rachel Booth-Gardiner Twitter takeover #TeamOTCP

RCOT SS- CYPF Virtual Conference 2021 #CYPF21
Date: Friday 1st October 2021.
Equality and Diversity Session Georgia Vine and Susan Griffiths. Twitter timeline

August 2021: Joint event hosted by @LGBTQIAOTUK, @BAMEOTUK & @AbleOTs Microaggressions webinar Workshop with Rayya Ghul.

Launch of AbleOTUK July 2021 – live web event

Dear OT Campaign for Disability Pride Month July 2021

Upcoming events

29th June 2022 – Speaking at admissions forum and practice placement forum on 29th June.

July 2022 – Celebrating Disability Pride Month thought-out the month on our social media accounts

26th July 2022– hosting an #OTalk on Disability pride month

18th November 2022. Keynote Presentation – Any Setting Can Be DiverseOT! At the Occupational Therapy in Diverse Settings at the Uni of Brighton conference Book here £20 a ticket

AbleOTUK – Networking and Support 2022 Meeting Dates 7-9pmBook here (bookings close 1 hr before event end).

20th Jan, 17th Feb, 17th Mar

21st Apr, 19th May, 16th June,

21st Jul, 18th Aug, 15th Sep

20th Oct, 17th Nov, 15th Dec

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